What is a Fibroscan?

A Fibroscan is non-evasive method (a special ultrasound technology) propose for the assessment of heptic fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease by measuring liver stiffness.


Why should you do a Fibroscan with Medicaid ?

Medicaid Radio-diagnostics is the leading provider of fibrosscan services across Nigeria. We offer the assesment of fibrosis (fibro-scan services), with reports from specialist consultants. A fibro-scan is a type of liver elastography. It is a quick way to assess the health of your liver.

Diagnostics is not the end, but the beginning of practice to better or quick recovery of health.

Advantages of a Fibroscan:

  • Fibroscan can help detect the stage in which the fibrosis has reached. This will enable the consultant to specify the correct treatment for the fibrosis.
  • Fibroscan reduces the need of biopsy. Fibrocan is non-invasive, it reduces the need for incisions and needles.
  • Fibroscan is a fast and pain free procedure. It takes 5-10 minutes to evaluate your entire liver health. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires no sedation or hospitalization, and it is completely painless to the patiants.
  • Fibroscan is a repeateable procedure. It allows the monitoring of liver fibrosis over time when needed without causing harm to the body or organ.
  • Fibroscan is more cost effective than other liver fibrosis test, as it does not require the use of specialized equipment or laboratory processing.


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