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14 Years Of Experience in Medical Services

Founded in 2009, Medicaid Radio-Diagnostic Center is a Nigerian-owned company committed to enhancing the quality of diagnostic services in Nigeria. It is a pioneering private facility situated in the center of Nigeria's capital city, Abuja. The center was established with a strong desire to lead the way in providing top-notch radiological and diagnostic services to the people of Nigeria.

Medicaid is a diagnostic center located in Nigeria, dedicated to providing accurate and world-class diagnosis services. We offer a wide range of interventional, diagnostic, and specialized services to meet the highest standards of quality. Our focus is on delivering cost-effective care and accurate diagnoses in a comfortable and welcoming environment to patients throughout the country.

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Flexible & Responsive to Changing Needs

Medicaid Radio-Diagnostics & Clinics is one of the more flexible and responsive Radio-diagnostics centre in Nigeria. We are better equipped to meet the changing needs of our patients. Here are several ways that we can be flexible and responsive to changing needs:

Agile Workforce

We have a flexible and adaptable workforce, with staff who are trained and capable of performing multiple roles. Cross-training staff can help to ensure that the hospital can quickly respond to changes in demand or staffing shortages.

Our 14 Years Working Experience

Medicaid Radio-Diagnostics & Clinics has 14(fourteen) years of experience in the expertise of radio-diagnostics and the experience personnel to follow, which will help in been flexible and be responsive to patients needs.

Strategic Planning

At Medicaid we strive to develop strategic plans that are focused on anticipating and responding to changing needs. This might involve scenario planning, where our board of directors considers different possible futures and develops contingency plans for each.